Children love rituals so we follow our timetable closely which is reassuring to them, but our small structure and the number of caregivers allows us to adapt to any new situation easily.  In fact, a child who perhaps requires more attention or simply would like to create a new activity would not only be easily accommodated, but their creation would be welcomed as something interesting to develop and follow.
08H30 Arrival of the children with their parents - outside or inside
08H55 Tidying up the materials and hand washing
09H05 1st WORKSHOP (the kids work in small groups)
09H50 Tidying up the materials
10H00 Gathering on the carpet (gentle music in the background)
Calling the name of each child who then comes to pick up his/her cup and find his/her seat. Snack and hygiene (hand washing etc).
10H50 2nd WORKSHOP group change, handwashing, toilet
11H15 Story time on theme of the month, freeplay
11H40 Tidying up the materials and hand washing
11H50 Kids are separated in 2 groups
1)Those who have lunch at Ptibouts
2)The others go in the free room to play, read books, then wash their hands.
12H15 Music, dances and mimes (for all)
Dressing (shoes and bags)
12H30 End of day
Morning schedule
Daily program
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