Our team
A Mum of 2 children, she is the founder of p’TiBouts. Upon her arrival in Bangkok in 1992, she joined the team of teachers' assistants in the Pre-school of French International School, where she acquired great experience. Sonia is the little fairy of our school. She has fingers of gold, a vivid imagination and superlative patience. She is also a great cook - she feeds the small tummies with delicious snacks.
She enrolled into a baby-sitting formation at the Red Cross in Switzerland and was awarded a certificate. Then, in Washington, as an au pair, she took care of a 5 months old baby full-time during 6 months. Then, in Paris, she frequented acting schools for a few years. In the capital, she met her husband who then got offered a job in Asia, so she decided to follow him and found a job in an office. But her passions took over; she deeply wishes to get back to taking care of kids and to the world of theatre. So she finally joins our team in September 2016.
Young mother of a little girl of 8 years old, Wandee’s name fits her personality peferctly, she is exactly like the little Wandee of Peter Pan, sweet, gentle, and efficient !
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