We are a French Nursery School situated in Bangkok in a small house at the end of the Soi Yen Akart, close to Sathorn Soi 1. We cater for children from 12 months to 3 years, prior to entry to pre-school.
We accept a maximum of only 16 children and to ensure optimum attention to each child there are 4 teachers.  This intimate group size provides a family atmosphere, which ensures your child’s emotional well-being and security by minimising excess noise and movement - something that can be overwhelming for children at this age.

Children learn how to become independent from their parents. They learn how to socialize with other children and are taught respect for other people and objects. It’s a place where children start to learn about life in an environment of positivity with lots of love.
We have numerous activities (singing, painting, collage, ....) which provide excellent opportunities for positive reinforcement and to help them gain confidence in themselves - and believe us,
they are very proud of everything they do!

A nursery, where all activities are conducted in French,
but the teachers also speak English and Thai.

19 years:
19 years of experience (and “savoir-faire”)

The only objective
Happy children and happy parents!
Who we are
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