P’TiBouts: Period of opening
Monday - Friday: from 8.30 am to 12.00 pm
Our nursery is open from Monday to Friday during following periods:
Period of opening 2016/2017
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Period 1 From Monday 1st September 2016 to Friday 14th October 2016
Period 2 From Monday 31st October 2016 to Tuesday 20th December 2016
Schoolfree day Monday 5th December 2016 (King's Anniversary)
Period 3 From Wednesday 4th January 2017 to Friday 10th February 2017
Period 4 From Monday 27th February 2017 to Friday 7th April 2017
and Monday 24th April 2017 to Tuesday 23rd May 2017
Schoolfree day : Monday 1st May (Labour Day)
Period 5 From Monday 29th May 2017 to Friday 30th June 2017

School holidays 2016/2017

From Friday, October 14th 12H 30 to Monday, October 31st in the morning
Holiday: Monday, December 5th (King's Birthday)
From Tuesday, December 20th 12H 30 to Wednesday, January 4th in the morning
From Friday, February 10th, 12 H 30 to Monday, February 27th in the morning
From Friday, April 7th, 12 H 30 to the morning of Monday, April 24th in the morning
Holiday: Friday, 1st May (Labour Day)
From Tuesday, May 23rd, 12 H 30 to Monday, May 29th in the morning.

Summer holidays : from Friday, June 30th, 12 H 30
NB : Departure occurs after class, opening in the morning of indicated days.