P’TiBouts: Period of opening
Monday - Friday: from 8.30 am to 12.00 pm
Our nursery is open from Monday to Friday during following periods:
Period of opening 2017/2018
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Period 1 From Tuesday 5th September 2017 to Friday 29th September 2017.
Period 2 From Monday 16th October 2017 to Friday 15th December 2017.
Period 3 From Thursday 4th January 2018 to Friday 16th February 2018.
Period 4 From Monday 5th March 2018 to Friday 13th April 2018.
and Wednesday 2nd May 2018 to Friday 25th May 2018.
Period 5 From Thursday 31st May 2018 to Friday 29th June 2018.

School holidays 2017/2018

From Friday, September 29th 12H 30 to Monday, October 16th in the morning
From Friday, December 20th 12H 30 to Thursday, January 4th in the morning
From Friday, February 10th, 12 H 30 to Monday, March 5th in the morning
From Friday, April 7th, 12 H 30 to the morning of Wednesday, May 2nd in the morning
From Friday, May 23rd, 12 H 30 to Thursday, May 31st in the morning.

Summer holidays : from Friday, June 29th, 12 H 30
NB : Departure occurs after class, opening in the morning of indicated days.